Prediction 2010 – Windows Mobile 7 will kick some …. Welcome to the Clone Wars…

I think 2010 is the year when mobile platforms will be at a stage where one could call them mature. Will there still be bits one would want which are not there, sure thing, people still want loads more from their desktop and server environments, however, the mobile space is finally getting some meat into it. We’re seeing a number of 1GHz processor speeds in mobile devices, my one year old NetBook/Tablet has 800Mhz only. This addition of processing power, storage and mature UI’s are the way forward along with the touch experience. However, what matters finally is seamless integration of various software & services. The HTC Sense UI on top of WM, Android etc. is a very unique step forward from an end user experience perspective. On the other hand there are a number of things under the cover which are essential from an enterprise perspective, whether it’s synchronization of data, the ability to build secure data-rich applications or the ability to enable a whole generation of developers to build on a platform which they are used to, and here my bet is that Microsoft will do a better job than most others. The front end however, is key from an end user perspective, I still remember the day when a friend(s) came up to me gushing with their IPhones and were thrilled about being able to listen to music or watch videos on their IPhone’s, or touch and interact with their phones, these were features which WM has had for some time(not implemented very well though), however, Apple made it not only easy but sexy, hats of to them.

I feel that 2010 onwards will be the time when the mobile world would stabilize, by this I mean, the devices would be truly that all in one, (well alas not like the star trek ones 😉 long way for that too happen) device which will make sense for the end user + business user. It will truly BE (Business + End User) Mobile. I have no doubts the bells and whistles in terms of end user experience will be there (pinch zoom etc.) and there will be much more…

The Mobile centric way is the future… and I feel that WM will not only catch up but leap forward… Welcome to the Mobile Wars (a.k.a Clone Wars)


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Sanjay Shetty is currently putting the finishing touches on his book, the Brand Advocacy quick start guide, which covers his framework for building a brand advocacy program. He blogs at
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One Response to Prediction 2010 – Windows Mobile 7 will kick some …. Welcome to the Clone Wars…

  1. Javo says:

    i think microsft will impress all of us with windows mobile 7.

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