Solving Touch Issues: Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Lenovo x220 tablet

It appears that a lot of people have upgraded their Lenovo x220 tablets from Windows 7 to the Windows 8 consumer Preview and have found their touch interactions or pen inputs are not working correctly. Here’s are possible solutions.

Firstly, I hope and pray that you’ve done this installation on a spare machine and not your everyday machine and the following is just a suggestion which seems logical to me, so take the advise with a pinch of salt and do this at your own risk, don’t blame me if things mess up further, wish you the best of luck.

Go to add/remove programs and uninstall the Wacom ISD tablet driver and then restart the windows 8 consumer preview. Logically Windows should then re-install the appropriate drivers.WACOM un-install Windows 8 Consumer Preview on Lenovo x220 tablet


You can try two other approaches,

1. Try an update for each touch device driver or

2. Remove touch device drivers


1. Try and update each touch device driver, by going to each of the devices in your device manager highlighted in the second image below(scroll down), both the red and yellow box, and update the drivers by right clicking and choosing update driver software.

Udate touch drivers on x220 tablet for Windows 8 Consumer Preview

2. Remove the earlier WACOM drivers which are installed on your x220t.

Go to Device manager and remove the following devices which are in the red outlined box below. Next examine each of the HID

Then click on each of the HID devices in the yellow box. If you see any which has a WACOM driver installed against it, remove it.

Drivers x220 touch Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Once you’ve done the above, re-start your machine and pray Smile Windows 8 Consumer Preview should logically automatically download and install new touch drivers.

Let me know how this works for you. Best of luck.


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7 Responses to Solving Touch Issues: Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Lenovo x220 tablet

  1. Erik Z says:

    I installed Win8 on my X200 multitouch tablet and at first nothing worked (pen or finger) but when I installed the Lenovo drivers and disabled the Windows drivers and some windows services almost everything worked fine. Only thing I cannot get to work is the calibration.

  2. adrimaxi says:

    I don’t understand because the pen worked at the begining, but it stoped working. No ISD tablet program is installed and the devices in red are not present in the device manager… If you have an idea, help is welcome.

    • sanjayshetty says:

      Could you share more details, as in have you installed on a VM if so which one? Alternatively, have you upgraded an existing Win 7 installation?

  3. sanjayshetty says:

    I’m guessing you’ve already tried a Windows update? Open Device Manager and check if there is any device which has a driver issue?

    Also here’s a simple thing you could do… In Device Manager, under Mice and other pointing devices, try updating the driver for each, if that doesn’t work, uninstall and scan for hardware changes.

  4. the mouth says:

    Thanks!!! Removing the ISD software + anything listed as “Touch” in Add/Remove programs worked for me (at least as far as I can tell now).

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