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Win 7 API quickes ;-)… the API Code Pack

Simply Delightful!(don’t know how I missed this before), 5 minute videos about the Win 7 API Code Pack. it’s the quickest way to get to understand the importance of the Code pack and get started. This source-code library enables you … Continue reading

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Windows Mobile 6.5 Gesture API… Visualized

The Gesture API in Windows Mobile is kind of cool… thought I’d light it up with a concept visual…  Windows Mobile Managed Gestures Sample are available here If you want to learn more, the following two online webcasts serve the … Continue reading

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Windows XP mode on Windows 7 – It couldn’t be simpler

I thought I’d check out the Windows XP mode on Windows 7 and Bing’d it, was pleasantly surprised that all the info you need to understand and setup is available out here ( There are some really simple and clear … Continue reading

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A quick Visual Introduction to Microsoft CRM using Concept Visuals

A few days ago I was discussing with a team an upgrade of a system, from a DNN based site to a Sharepoint based site. However, we would also be using Microsoft CRM system to store the various accounts and … Continue reading

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Interesting stuff out here. Explore Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 with a new training course on Channel 9 The developer evangelists who bring you the 10-4 Show are providing videos and labs for you to get familiar with .NET Framework … Continue reading

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