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VSTS Quirk 3: Code Coverage using the VSTS tools

Funnily the code coverage engine even analyzes code generated by Visual Studio, there should be an option to ignore Visual Studio generated code, as it’s just too much data at times when you’re testing large blocks of code. Advertisements

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Visual Studio Team System Quirks 2: Team System Build Type

In VSTS when you create a new Team System Build Type, there is a wizard which guides you through the process, essentially asking you what kind of build your are trying to create, as in questions such as: From which … Continue reading

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Bagga Bug Bagga as they would say in Marathi: Bug in the Task:Reminder property when programming Windows Mobile 5

PocketOutlook.Task.ReminderTime Property has a Bug in it, I was trying to write a small application for myself for my Windows Mobile 5.0 ETen M600 Pocket PC. Essentially in the code I was creating a new task and speciying the reminder … Continue reading

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Get the special TechEd 2006 book on Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007

 A Special book on Microsoft Office Sharepoint 2007 was released by Microsoft during TechEd 2006 and is available as a free pdf download.    

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Sharepoint and Office 2007 Virtual Labs

I’ve been hunting around for possible environment where one could test live the new office 2007 and more specifically Sharepoint 2007.   If you go to the MSDN Virtual Labs home page  you will notice most of the stuff … Continue reading

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Visual Studio Team System Quirks

As I write a book on Visual Studio Team I’ve come across various quirks in the product, which are downright irritating. It might be useful for people to read thru this to avoid frustration… so this particular post will be … Continue reading

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Something’s fishy here

I was logging into MSN Spaces blogging engine, and I inadverently entered a wrong password, I was requested to enter a new password which is fine. However the Microsoft Phishing filter seems to think that the web site contains suspicious … Continue reading

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