Installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview on Lenovo x220t with VMWare Player

I had earlier installed Windows 8 Developer Preview on my machine. So this time around installing the Windows 8 consumer preview was easier.

You can download the necessary files from

Specifically here you can get the setup program:

And the ISO is available here:

The VMWare player mentioned that an upgrade was available to VMWare Workstation which is a paid product, I didn’t choose to install it and it then provided the option to upgrade the player to the latest VMWare Player 4.0.2 build-591240.

Once I did the above, I loaded the Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO into VMWare and the install process was pretty much a breeze.

I first ran the Windows 8 Consumer Preview Setup on the host machine to just check the compatibility of my system. I was quite surprised that Microsoft Security Essentials was not compatible.

Compatability Report 29-02-2012 20-31-55

Next I ran the setup within the VM. It asked for the product key… which I’d got from the setup wizard. Entered it.

29-02-2012 21-40-54 Product Key

Then it asked me if I wanted to keep my personal files. I chose yes.

29-02-2012 21-41-30 Personal Files

Next it told that this might take a while… 🙂 so I waited patiently… as I’m installing within a VM and I’m doing an upgrade from the Developer Preview…

29-02-2012 21-42-20 this might take a while

After installation it started configuring Windows Updates

29-02-2012 22-02-55 Configuring Windows Updates

Now the strange picture, any guesses what it is?

29-02-2012 22-04-10 Preparing

Settings came next, I chose to customize the settings…

29-02-2012 22-09-45 Settings

Finally logged into the Windows 8 Consumer Preview

29-02-2012 22-15-25 loggingin

Finally the Metro UI, pure awesomeness…

29-02-2012 22-15-40 MetroUI

After this I ran windows update, and it downloaded a few updates.

However, I needed to install the VMWare Additions, this ensured that the display took the full screen, I had to do a re-boot, and then could use Windows 8 consumer preview in full screen. Note: you need to have 1366×768 to experience the snap view correctly.

Multi-touch worked perfectly, no need for any calibrations. The only issue is the support for the Wacom pen, I need to figure this one out.

I’m also going to try installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview on a separate partition. Hopefully that will resolve the pen issue, as the Lenovo x220t is one of the devices which the Windows team is using to test.

Some things I noticed, which were wonderful was the performance of Windows 8, it just totally rocks. Also I found this release to be far superior in terms of keyboard + touch navigation.

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Installing Windows 8 Developer Preview in a VM with Virtual Box and VMware player

I’ve been trying to get Windows 8 Developer Preview installed on my Lenovo x220 tablet.

Virtual Box – 4.1.6-8413-Win

First, I tried my hand with the latest virtual box, what was interesting was that they have an option to create a VM for Windows 8. Unfortunately, after more than 4 tries the installation of Windows 8 failed and, I moved on to VMware player.

The issue with Virtual Box at least the latest release was that during installation windows 8 Developer preview would be stuck at different points in expanding the installation files. One time I even got to 98% and then stalled, other times it got stalled at 3% and one time at 11%. You can imagine how frustrating this was. Once it even gave a warning no. and cancelled installation, the issue was supposedly low disk space, which is insane considering that I had provided 50Gb for the virtual hard disk and I had another 100Gb free on my HDD. Well finally gave it up. I’m guessing this is an issue with the latest release of the software, as I’ve previously seen installations on the earlier versions succeeding.

VMware player – 4.0.1-528992

Here I had to choose the OS as Windows 7 while creating the virtual hard disk. I followed the instructions out here and the install process on VMware player was easy and fast.

Finally I have Windows 8 Developer Preview loaded on my Lenovo X220 tablet.

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Microsoft Analytics for Twitter – Powered by PowerPivot for Excel

Microsoft just released a tool which enables you to you to analyse Twitter data from within Excel.  You can search up to 5 items and it populates the workbook with information on Topics, People, Tone, and lists all the tweets that are brought back. What is amazing is that they’ve included the source code too.


Tone Edit

Most online analytics tool kind of hide from you how they’re judging sentiment of tweets. However, here you’re provided with a Tone Dictionary which you can edit.


Slice and Dice data the way you want

Since it’s PowerPivot and Excel goodness you can easily slice and dice the data the way you want to view it. The details tab lets you dive in.


The People Tab

SNAGHTML627ea2It shows you who is speaking positively or negatively about the search items and also tells you who is helping you spread the word by tweeting and re-tweeting your message.





You have the Source


Finally the key bits of code used to create the Excel workbook are also included.

A big thumbs up to the team for delivering this.

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Windows Phone 7 App Challenge now Open

Microsoft has launched a global contest, yes I said global for WP7.

Join the Windows Phone 7 App Challenge! This contest is open to WP7 developers around the world (with just a few exceptions—see contest rules). The finalists will be announced and awards presented live at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) this summer. Submit your entry by June 6th!

Interested? Sign up today or tell a friend. Terms and conditions are posted on the registration site.

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Conversation Clean Up

Clean Up command on the ribbon

If you’ve been using Microsoft Outlook chances are just like me you’ve missed out on a wonderful little tool called “Clean Up Conversation”. It’s a brilliant gem.

This is especially useful if you’ve subscribed to mailing lists or even in corporate scenarios where there are a number of mails back and forth from various people on the same topic.

Conversation Clean Up evaluates the contents of each message in the Conversation. If a message is completely contained within one of the replies, the previous message is deleted.

In case you’re worried about the kinds of mails it will remove there are various options you can control such as deciding where the deleted message go, keeping unread, categorized or flagged messages etc.

I just cleared some 2000 items from my inbox Smile best of all you can do this for folders with sub-folders within them. There is a wonderful help file out here which describes the features in detail.

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Web Matrix

Microsoft’s Web Matrix is in beta 2 and I thought I’d go thru it in a bit more detail.
So here’s what I’ve come up with, a one image snapshot of WebMatrix

So you start viewing this image clockwise, with first the Audience
  1. Audience: It’s targeted purely at Newbies
  2. Installation: you need to go thru the Web Platform Installer
  3. Architecture: Well suffice to say Microsoft has come up with an engine called Razor which goes thru the code you write. The promise of Web Matrix is to allow you to go up to full scale ASP.Net or use MVC as you progress.
  4. Capabilities/Worspaces: Well out of the box it does 4 things, helps you create sites (which could be based on templates or from their web gallery which includes stuff like WordPress installation etc.) or from a Template or just a plain vanilla blank site.
    1. Files: You can work with files CSHTML or VBHTML –> basically code via VB or C#
    2. Database: You get SQL Compact edition with it, or alternatively you can also code against an existing SQL DB.
    3. Reports: It also does SEO stuff telling you if your pages are missing the title tag etc.
    4. Web Traffic: It also tells you the kind of requests received for your site basically analyzing web traffic.
  • Coding: Lastly the way you write code is by inserting the @ symbol followed by your code.
    1. Helper Classes – simplify code, for instance picking up a Twitter feed and displaying it in your pages etc. These are quite useful.
  • Hmm, I think I’ve about summed it up
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    Windows Phone 7 developer tools Beta is here

    After a long wait, you now have access to tools which are close to final release. Grab them here.

    Some things you need to keep in mind, you need to un-install the earlier CTP builds if you have them on your machine, the setup doesn’t remove them for you.

    You need to un-install in the following sequence:

            *  Microsoft Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP Refresh

            *  Windows Phone 7 Add-in for Visual Studio 2010 CTP Refresh – ENU

            *  Microsoft Windows Phone Developer Resources

            *  Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0

            *  Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0 Windows Phone Extensions

    More devices are also going to be available, there are many more things such as training which you certainly need to know about and the team blog covers it all

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