Web Matrix

Microsoft’s Web Matrix is in beta 2 and I thought I’d go thru it in a bit more detail.
So here’s what I’ve come up with, a one image snapshot of WebMatrix

So you start viewing this image clockwise, with first the Audience
  1. Audience: It’s targeted purely at Newbies
  2. Installation: you need to go thru the Web Platform Installer
  3. Architecture: Well suffice to say Microsoft has come up with an engine called Razor which goes thru the code you write. The promise of Web Matrix is to allow you to go up to full scale ASP.Net or use MVC as you progress.
  4. Capabilities/Worspaces: Well out of the box it does 4 things, helps you create sites (which could be based on templates or from their web gallery which includes stuff like WordPress installation etc.) or from a Template or just a plain vanilla blank site.
    1. Files: You can work with files CSHTML or VBHTML –> basically code via VB or C#
    2. Database: You get SQL Compact edition with it, or alternatively you can also code against an existing SQL DB.
    3. Reports: It also does SEO stuff telling you if your pages are missing the title tag etc.
    4. Web Traffic: It also tells you the kind of requests received for your site basically analyzing web traffic.
  • Coding: Lastly the way you write code is by inserting the @ symbol followed by your code.
    1. Helper Classes – simplify code, for instance picking up a Twitter feed and displaying it in your pages etc. These are quite useful.
  • Hmm, I think I’ve about summed it up

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    Sanjay Shetty is currently putting the finishing touches on his book, the Brand Advocacy quick start guide, which covers his framework for building a brand advocacy program. He blogs at http://www.sanjayshetty.com
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