My top 5 Wish List for Windows Phone 7

Ok, yeah I know this is premature, but here’s what I think based on what I’ve seen at about the latest Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft.

1. User/Developer Created Hubs – First I think the concept of hubs(People, pictures, Music, office, marketplace etc… ) is cool, and it’s a beautiful integrated story, however, what I’d like really love to see is the ability for people to add their own hubs, or for developers to create their own hubs. For e.g. I want a hub called Finance, which would show me stock quotes for stocks I’m watching, show my latest portfolio holding, show blog posts from favourite financial bloggers I track etc.

2. Extensible Hubs – I should be able to extend an existing hub, for instance the Office hub could maybe have an application which is integrated into it which notifies me of key data which I might need on the move.

3. The Keypad – All the demos I’ve seen seem to show a soft QWERTY Keyboard, I hope one can set a global default soft keypad, I personally like the phone keypad, I just work faster with it and it suits a one handed operation.

4. The Camera Flash – I’m an avid photographer, and I’ve been happily using my Nokia N82 which comes with Carl Zeiss Lens and Xeon flash. I know Microsoft supposedly has a specification like a 5Mp camera for hardware vendors, but that really means nothing unless it’s got a good lens + good flash as well.

5. App Sharing – Picture a scenario, you’re with a friend, and he’s showing you a cool new app on the phone, and you’re like I want that, and he just zaps it to you over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, now wouldn’t that be fun!, and yes if it’s a paid for app, you get to go online and get a license right away. But the point is you avoid the lengthy download etc.


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Sanjay Shetty is currently putting the finishing touches on his book, the Brand Advocacy quick start guide, which covers his framework for building a brand advocacy program. He blogs at
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