Not only How, but Why and Where?

I had quite a few interesting discussions at the MVP OpenDay in Hyderabad, India quite a few were focussed on learning challenges faced by developers and IT Pro’s even at the MVP level. The amount of new technologies and tools being released by companies is just amazing, for instance Cloud Computing, the Mobile space, or Virtualization.

The challenge faced is how to keep up with this massive explosion of information, products and tools. The initial response was producing more HowTo kind of videos and these have become quite popular. There is a whole generation of supposed professionals who have binged/googled their way to finding solutions. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with this approach. However, this has left people without a deep understanding of technologies. Now I’m not saying that this is the case with all people, I’m sure there are exceptions to the rule. Another scenario is the large number of sessions/conferences typically have a bulk of their sessions which are like one hour sessions. This helps to get people interested/excited about new technologies, however, doesn’t give enough to really enable adoption.

With the multiple ways to solve a problem, the question now, is not how to, but why and which technology is appropriate for which solution. The challenge with companies like Microsoft is not just putting a whole lot of documentation, sample code etc. online, but enabling people to find and learn the right technology for their problem scenarios.

Are there possible solutions, INETA APAC is trying to promote(beta stage right now), a slightly different format for their User Groups, essentially doing full day UG meetings/sessions on a particular sub-topic. For e.g.1. Topic Windows 7, Sub-Topic: Migration e.g.2. Topic: Sharepoint 2010: Subtopic – Claims based Authentication. The idea is to provide sessions which are deeper than the normal run of the mill 1 hour session. Is this one of the possible solutions? I think this would help…

Are there other solutions? Well I’m looking for them and would love to hear from others…


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