My new Kohjinsha UMPC and Folder Share

After a long time I must say I’ve been PHENOMENOALY IMPRESSED by Hardware and Software.
Kojhinsha UMPC: I just received my Kohjinsha UMPC yesterday and IT ROCKS beyond imagination. I don’t think I’ve seen a sexier and fast device in a long time now. It’s a touchscreen enabled, sleek sweet UMPC which I’m unable to just let go off 🙂
If you’re looking for a good UMPC, trust me this is the way to go, the Japanese are leading from the front.
Ok so once I got my UMPC next steps were to obviously get the necessary software on to it, which is an ok, however, time consuming job, no innovation here at all. However, the big deal for me was to synch and use my files from either of my PC’s + stuff like OneNote, Outlook etc. such that I can use it on my Desktop(Laptop) and my UMPC. FolderShare comes to the resuce here!!! You can read about how you can use OneNote using FolderShare out here(!FBABF8E542F5D5DB!9081.entry) YOU REALLY NEED TO EXPERIENCE THIS, TO UNDERSTAND JUST HOW POWERFUL AND SEAMLESS IT IS. Sorry about the caps, but I really haven’t been so excited with a piece of software in a very very long time.
Grab and start using both! You certainly won’t be disappointed.

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Sanjay Shetty is currently putting the finishing touches on his book, the Brand Advocacy quick start guide, which covers his framework for building a brand advocacy program. He blogs at
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