My personal Award for the month of March 07 to the most useless UI :-)

If there is one thing which is lacking in terms of ease of use on the internet it is the amazing User Interface designed by most web based solution providers.
Take the case of ICICI Direct supposedly one of the premier online trading service providers in India.
I recently thought of opening an account with them. First step I realized one needs to fill in an online form which basically meant that someone from the company would call. Now this form was really stupid in terms of its interface here goes…
After entering your first name and last name you enter the basic parts of your address and you choose a city from a drop down, guess what the drop down lists names from cities across India, and includes countries such as Muscat, and cities in the US such as New York (ha ha this is so funny). Which dumbo designed this or rather populated this list of cities
The better part is still to come, read on…
Then there is a part on the form called:
Contact Details

(*Please let us know the convenient times and place where you would like to be contacted, regarding filling of the form)

Here you fill in details of timings when they could call you, what if I as a customer told you to drop in any time of the day… you give me the customer no choice in that, again a case of dumb design…

Now here’s the best part 🙂

You’re asked to provide a user id and password… and you realise shortly that you can enter only 8 characters, so I promptly filled in a smaller userid and guess what I get a messagebox saying please fill in between 6 to 8 characters only …………….. now what the hell were they thinking …

I’m convinced this particular page was designed by a person who decided that he’s going to frustrate end users. Hence my personal award to this site for the most useless UI 🙂 Congratualtions ICICI Direct for frustrating me even before I became a client of yours.

For the enjoyment of all my readers please find attached a screen shot of the offensive dialog box asking me to enter a user id between 6 to 8 characters only.

 My serious advice to this company would be to read the classic book on UI and interface design called "The Inmates Are Running the Asylum: Why High Tech Products Drive Us Crazy and How to Restore the Sanity (2nd Edition)" It’s available on Amazon for approximately 10 bucks, I would willing gift a few copies to this company for free.


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