Microsoft Announces “Beginner Developer Learning Center”

Microsoft Announces "Beginner Developer Learning Center"

Beginner Developer Learning Center is specifically targeted to beginning programmers (No experience or programming knowledge required).
All lessons are organized into two development tracks:
    • Web Development for those interested in creating dynamic web sites, or building online applications and services.
    • Windows Development teaches customizing the desktop with cool utilities and building fun Windows applications and PC games.
There’s even a special Kid’s Corner section for parents, teachers and (of course) kids!
All of the above sounded nice and good, and I felt I should check out what they have out there, so I downloaded and installed the express edition. First blooper SQL 2005 doesn’t work exactly well with Vista, ok so they’re nice enough to tell you to download SP2 next blooper when you install SP2 hehe the install program tells you that an instance of SQLExpress is running. Now how is a beginner supposed to know how to shut this process down .
He He they won’t 🙂 I wonder if any of them will figure out how to stop the process. Well lets say they realise that one of the ways to do it is go down to the command prompt and type "net stop mssql$SQLEXPRESS". Oops that won’t work unless you’re an admin on the machine  
The other option is to start SQL Server Configuration Manager and shut it from there… but would they know 🙂
I think someone needs to write an FAQ item about this for the sake of the newbies… such things only drive them nuts and away. I’m a big fan of teaching newbies and I hope someone is listening at Microsoft and fixes this issue.

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