Microsoft Office Professional 2007 Installation

While installing the new office 2007 bits, it started off with having an issue with beta bits of the Compatibility pack for Microsoft Office 2007 File formats. After uninstalling the same, I though life was back on track again and next it had an issue with ActiveSync. This was a real strange one, I could shut activesync and retry or continue and have my system reboot post the setup… The funny thing is you can’t shut activesync down straight away… so all I did was open and then minimize it and hit retry again. Guess what the installation proceeded 🙂

The upgrade option is kind of unsettling as it tells you it will remove all previous versions of the software… somehow it had an omnious bell to it… but the bravado in me forced me to continue

It’s a very lack lustre installation, no bells and whistles… just works

Final screen said that OFfice Professional 2007 has been successfully installed. And it encourages one to go online get updates etc. I clicked on "Go to Office Online" and a messagebox saying a system reboot is necesasry plonked up… ok here goes I’m rebooting… more post the reboot

Ok rebooted fine, started off outlook. It starts with migrating account information an then asks about activating the software and says that you need to re-start post activation. I tried to shut outlook and re-start and it basically wouldn’t. I realised why later as it then pops up two dialog boxes… the first asks to download the Instant Search facility in Outlook and the second to integrate RSS Feeds.

Instant Search being the next generation of Windows Desktop Search. This requires a validation to check if the Windows version you have is genuine. I downloaded it while next exploring the Outlook interface. It looks super sleek.

The most important addition is the To-Do Bar… just amazing. Besides showing whats next on your calendar it also shows you your to-do items from your tasks as well as from emails which you may have marked for follow-up.

 I just love the To-Do Bar it’s just plain awesome… next on the agenda was installing OneNote more on that and other explorations later.


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