Using Windows Mobile 5.0 API’s on Older Devices

Windows Mobile 5.0 introduces a number of interesting new API’s. However what I was wondering is if you can use them on older devices. The Channel 9 Windows Mobile Developers Wiki had a small and interesting post on the topic.
There are essentially to kinds of Windows Mobile APIs:

  • Ones which are based upon the new unmanaged Documentation for the Windows Mobile APIs

    APIs, like the Custom POOM properties, State Notification Broker. These would be, again, available on Windows Mobile 5.0 based platforms.

  • Ones which are based upon existing unmanaged Documentation for the Windows Mobile APIs

    APIs, which have been in existence for some time, but have got their managed interfaces in Windows Mobile 5.0. Examples include Message Interception, Sending SMS, basic POOM functionality. These are also available on previous platforms, but only via unmanaged calls. There are existing frameworks which build wrappers over them to make them available for the managed world.

Now this is interesting cause a whole lot of mobile developers have wanted the facility to send SMS via their applications and have found it difficult, same goes for POOM functionality. Now that they’re available in the managed world and that too for older devices certainly would bring a while lot of cheer.


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