Hotmail Safe list tip

Hotmail often is choc a block with a host of junk email. Sometimes it identifies genuine mail as junk which is a pain. The default option is to add a single email id to your safe list so that future messages are deliverd to your inbox.
One interesting option which is not evident immediately is the ability to add to your safe list a complete domain from which you regularly receive emails for instance if your company with domain is from where you receive mails from various people. The way out is to add the entire domain to your safe list.
The way to do it is go to options, select Junk E-mail options and within that the Safe List link. On top you will find an option to type and address or domain. That’s the key option. Just add to that and mails from any id or get delivered to your inbox. 

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Sanjay Shetty is currently putting the finishing touches on his book, the Brand Advocacy quick start guide, which covers his framework for building a brand advocacy program. He blogs at
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One Response to Hotmail Safe list tip

  1. Elaine says:

    Hotmail will not allow me to add my own email to the safe list and insists on putting my calendar reminders, emanating from my own email, in junk mail all the time. It rejects my email saying it is not in proper format. How can I make it accept me?

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